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We create a seamless experience for our clients, from the first interactions to create a collection, to the final handover of the products, we provide support every step of the way.

Our strength in design, quality control and drive to achieve sustainability throughout the supply chain, provides a competitive edge for our customers.



For us, design is not an exercise in showcasing creativity, but a process dedicated to bringing together the market trends and our client's identity to create unique tailored collections. 


We work closely with mills and manufacturers to identify the most efficient and sustainable supply solutions for our customers, looking to create long lasting relationships with our manufacturing partners. 


Quality Control 

Our team of quality inspectors follow internationally accepted methods and sample size quality checks to make sure that all products are manufactured in conformity with our client’s requirements. From planning stage to final execution of product, the goods are made to conform to our customers’ requirements.

Social & Ethical Compliance

We believe in transparency and ensure that our manufacturing partners respect and implement the laws and regulations governing working conditions and environmental protection. We put in place and maintain the systems guaranteeing the social and ethical compliance of our partners. 


Logistics & documentation

        We work closely with the customer’s shipping agent and provide up to date information of transit of goods, ensuring follow up till the port of final discharge. Our team compiles and consolidates all shipping documents and ensures coordination with our customer’s bank and/or shipping department.

        We also provide end-to-end shipping services (Destination Duty Paid)  including freight selection, release of goods from port, landing duty clearance and last mile trucking of goods to the customer’s warehouse.

Payments & Post Shipment Finance

      We provide our manufacturers on time payments as per payment terms agreed with the customers. Also provide manufacturers post shipment early payment facilities through our banking partners.

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